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No Agenda Episode 399

By admin. Posted Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 12:29 PM.

Cover Art

By admin. Posted Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 12:29 PM.

NA 399 Art BIG

Art By: Thoren

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By admin. Posted Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 12:29 PM.

Hip-Check China

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Slave just gettin' by with thanks


I'm writing you just to say thank you! Thank you for the priceless eduction you and JCD have given to me and other! This evening the local CBS news came on after CSI and all bull crap made me sick! I had to turn off the TV. I've been listing for almost two year now and sadly I'm still a boner. This living the american dream of just getting by really sucks.

I tell everyone I can about the show. I hope to support you guys soon as long as I can get though school and find a job again. So form the bottom of this stay at home dad's heart Thank You!

Jason Benne - Joe

AP News: 2 US Marines killed, 2 injured in Morocco

Two U.S. Marines were killed and two severely injured in the crash of a hybrid aircraft in Morocco on Wednesday, officials said.

Adam - I know a young man who pilots an MV-22 Osprey and is attached to the USS Iwo Jima.. It is unknown at this time if his aircraft was the one that went down. But he was deployed to this exercise. I watched him grow up to be one fine young Marine & a seriously badass pilot (as you know flying this aircraft take big brass ones & a certain amount of skill). We are hoping to hear some news one way or the other about his status, but if you would send out a Karma shot out for this squadron I would appreciate it. His Marine squadron is VMM261 out of New River, NC

Doug Walker

Livermore, CA

Gallup Poll

In The Morning!!!

Hello Adam and John. I have recently been selected to regularly

participate in the Gallup Panel. As fellow human resource doing my

part to propagate the formula, I took the liberty to make sure that

the greatest podcast in the universe be officially counted in the poll.

Attached is a JPEG of a screen shot to question #9 of this Gallup Poll:

9. Which Internet site do you turn to the most to get news or

information about national and international issues? (If none, please

leave the box blank.)

Thank you for all the hard work you guys and the No Agenda Producers do!


Monroe, MI



Holder addresses Trayvon Martin investigation (1:38) - The Washington Post

About | National Action Network

Florida Crimes: Second Degree Murder

Florida Criminal Law: Self Defense - Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

In Florida, Self Defense is referred to as the justifiable use of force. In simple terms, the defense allows a person to use force, sometimes deadly force, to protect one's self, one's property, or another person, so long as the force used is proportionate to the threat faced.

A person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat if:

It is reasonably believed that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm or to prevent the imminent commission of a forcible felony (i.e. Robbery).

It is being used against a person who is unlawfully and forcefully breaking in, or has unlawfully and forcibly broken into a dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle.

Economic Hitmen


European stock markets rocked by panic selling as debt crisis reignites | Business | The Guardian


New Pilot Rules In Effect In Europe


First new concentration camps in Europe set to sprout on Greek soil | End the Lie -- Independent News


For rent: Greek cops, cars | News24

Iran halts Greek oil sales, may cut Shell supply - MarketWatch







Liberian LGBT Rights Under Spotlight : NPR

China Assists Liberian State Media with 1.4 mln USD Pact

China and Liberia have signed a 1.4 million U.S. dollars agreement to provide some technical assistance to the state-run Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS), in a bid to strengthen the close relationship between both countries. The assistance would not be limited to providing only equipments and technical assistance to LBS alone, it would also expand China's cooperation with the war-torn country to reconstruct and recover from its present state, for the next six years, said Zhao Jianhua, Chinese ambassador to the west African nation, who signed the pact on Monday. He said the Chinese government would dispatch five Chinese technicians for satellite and transmission, antenna and transmitter, mechanics and electric, broadcasting equipment, as well as interpreter. The assistance would also include the provision of some necessary equipments and spare parts to Liberia, he disclosed. "The Chinese government shall help Liberia to rent the transmitting satellite and pay the rental of the satellite for two years, from April 15, 2012 to April 14, 2014," the envoy added, noting that the media has become more important in all societies and deserved to be provided with such equipment and technical assistance. Expressing appreciation to the unflinching support by the Chinese government, the Liberian minister assured that the technical assistance rendered, whether in the form of equipment or direct intervention of expert, would be used to the benefit of the people. "You realized the important role that communication has to play not just in the development of a country but in the reconnection of its people who had been separated by conflict," he added.

Gov't Gets 7 Days to Respond

U.S. Navy Focus Shifts To Asia-Pacific | AVIATION WEEK

Mali: U.S. Africa Command's New War? [Voltaire Network]

Chinese Troops Seen in Mexico -

U.S. Not Seeking New Enemies in Asia: Clinton | Set You Free News

Costa Rica's 35,000-seat National Stadium opens / News / Top Story / Current Edition / Costa Rica Newspaper, The Tico Times

Gitmo Nation

Techno Experts

Iran To Shut Down Internet Permanently; 'Clean' National Intranet In Pipeline - International Business Times

Child Porn Suspect Makes FBI Most Wanted List - [VIDEO]

Kids Activity Book keeps updating??

CNET News Reports ISP's Set to Track User Downloads Starting July 1st

Shut Up Slave!


Carbon Tax

Partners | Apps for Energy


About Us | Biggest Energy Saver


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Association Management Strategies

Association Management Strategies

The Tiny Home Movement - [VIDEO]


Ministry of Truth

State-Dominated Media and Iran-|-NYTimes eXaminer

Obama administration diverts $500M to IRS to implement healthcare reform law - The Hill's Healthwatch

OpEdNews - Article: The unclassified Zelikow torture memo as evidence of crimes

Zelikow Torture Memo Released in Attempt by State Department to Distance Itself from Torture on Eve of KSM Show Trial in Guantanamo -

I wonder if you're interested in this question now that just came up, though, the problem of why the state department is publishing this memo at the present time? This is obviously politically timed. Here in Washington we're going to have in Guantanamo concentration camp, in Cuba, the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohamad Ramzi bin al-Shibh and a couple of others. They've all been water boarded, repeatedly. And this was clearly, everybody knew, a violation of the Geneva Convention, a war crime. At the same time, we have some people now who want to separate their political careers from that. The State Department that chose to release this now is obviously interested in saying, 'oh, don't look at us -- we're not part of water boarding, we're not war criminals here at the State Department'; although they are. Then we've got Philip Zelikow who's the author of the memorandum, who was interviewed in The Guardian. Philip Zelikow was happy to be interviewed. I think he could either be Secretary of State or UN ambassador in a Romney administration coming up. So he wants you to be reminded that he's not part of this water boarding, war crimes creek. The time is now coming for this counter [new court] in Guantanamo Bay which is politically motivated also because Obama wants to profile himself as tough on terrorism; that means likely people like Ashcroft, Gonzales, Yoo, Bybee, Haines, Addington, many others, who really are suspect of war crimes. We had the Garz?n prosecution in Spain which seems to have essentially broken down. And then there was Moreno-Ocampo -- but everyone knows Moreno-Ocampo is servant of the US imperialism and he'll never touch it. What Santorum's Dropping Out Means for Ron Paul's Delegate Count

Don't Look Over Here!

Follow The Pipes




Al-Qaeda Claims Credit for 2 Gas Pipeline attacks in Yemen - Tracking Energy Attacks

Soco agrees to sell Yemen ops to China company - Yemen Petroleum Company

US Kills 12 in Southern Yemen Drone Strike -- News from




Pipeline capacity on Azerbaijani gas transportation to Europe announced - Trend

Azerbeidzjan wil hoogste gebouw ter wereld - Buitenland - VK


Drone Nation

Navy Grounds Firescout Drone Choppers | Defense Tech

Saakashvili inspects Georgian drone | sUAS News

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili inspected on Tuesday unmanned aerial systems. The new unmanned system is unique and has been tested in difficult weather conditions, the Georgian Defense Ministry said. It consists of an aircraft and the ground segment. Flight control is performed using the software. The air unit is equipped with an internal combustion engine, and takeoff is made by means of a pneumatic catapult. Unmanned aerial apparatus is a complex system, equipped with modern technology. It is used in difficult field conditions, as well as for border patrol, reconnaissance, surveillance, aerial photography, geophysical methods of exploration, monitoring of disaster areas, ensuring the Coast Guard, check of the radiation level, day and night reconnaissance, target definition, radio exploration, assessment of damage and casualties on the battlefield. According to the Georgian Defense Ministry, the UAV flight time is 8 hours, height -- 100 -- 3,000 meters, speed is 60-160 km per hour. Useful load is two-part video platforms, camera, thermal camera, infrared camera. When UAV is lowered parachute opens automatically, and airbag opens the to prevent injury. The system is used in any weather. President Saakashvili said after familiarization with the system that this is the first such high-tech apparatus and in the future Georgia will produce much more sophisticated devices and military equipment. "We have a good team that will develop their skills and knowledge," he said. Saakashvili said that if previously when buying UAVs problems arose, now all in the past, as the unit is fully produced by the Georgian specialists.



Obama Regime Suicides Top Diplomat To Cover Up French Massacre


Hollywood Wackers

Culture Wars

Asia Times Online :: Japan's lost libido and America's asexual future

A Japanese government study that should have shaken the psychology profession to its shoelaces went through the news media with a mild degree of titillation last month. Almost a third of Japanese boys aged 16-19 and three-fifths of girls say that they have no interest in sex. That is daunting, for all the world's cultures have believed that women enjoy sex more than men, as the Greek seer Tiresias told the gods according to Ovid.

What makes the Japanese hate sex? The same things that make a growing proportion of Americans hate sex. Joan Sewell's 2007 book I'd Rather Eat Chocolate became the manifesto of American women who don't like sex, hailed at the as "the next wild turn in the female sexual revolution" by Sandra Tsing Loh in The Atlantic Monthly [2].

Pharmaceutical companies are racing to market a pill to revive fading female libido, to no avail: women do not want to be sex objects, and a culture that objectifies women will make them hate sex, as I wrote in this space five years ago [3]. But the problem has gotten worse than I imagined it would.

Japan is a step ahead of the United States, as the first industrial country to bring sadism and pedophilia into the mainstream. Mere possession of certain Japanese manga is a criminal offense in other countries.

"In recent cases in the United States and Sweden, authorities have made arrests over manga books imported from Japan depicting sexual abuse of children," the New York Times reported Feb. 10, 2010 [4].

A streak of cruelty pervades Japanese culture, for example, the emphasis on the aesthetic in suicide, a concept alien to the Judeo-Christian West. But the West has begun to embrace cruelty in sexual relations on a scale comparable to Japan, and the consequences most likely will be identical.



Book Club

Film Club


Autism may be linked to obesity during pregnancy --

Autism - PDD

there are times when both autism spectrum disorder AND pervasive developmental disorder are listed for one client.

Pervasive developmental disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Universal Cancer Vaccine Developed | MTR - 'One in seven doctors is aware of scientific fraud'

Out There


An Imperfect Union: Europe's debt crisis - 60 Minutes - CBS News

Remarks at "The Lady" Film Screening

Greek News Presenter Pelted with Eggs and Yoghurt Live On-Air | Video Cafe

Price Of Gas Set To Skyrocket This Summer - [VIDEO]

Are You Prepared For The Big One? It's Only A Matter Of Time - [VIDEO]

Greece plans 'Rent-a-Cop' scheme to raise cash | euronews, world news

U.S. Government, Carriers Plan a National Database of Stolen Cellphones -

TSA Whistleblower: Body Scanners Routinely Fail |

Syrian rebels 'using Turkish refugee camps as base' -- RT

"Assad Is A Liar & A Killer!" Senator Lieberman - [VIDEO]

Ron Paul Campaign Issues Statement About Rick Santorum Leaving Presidential Race - [VIDEO]

Remarks at "The Lady" Film Screening

The Tiny Home Movement - [VIDEO]

Holder addresses Trayvon Martin investigation (1:38) - The Washington Post

Child Porn Suspect Makes FBI Most Wanted List - [VIDEO]

5200 Pentagon Employees PURCHASED Child Pornography - [VIDEO]

NASA Says This Is NOT An UFO Being Shot Down - [VIDEO] What Santorum's Dropping Out Means for Ron Paul's Delegate Count